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Upon submission, please provide your ORCiD. ORCiD provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher. If you don't have an ORCID yet, please register here:


Should you require any specimen print copies free of charge for archives that provided photos or other materials, you need to inform us in advance (max. 3 copies). These copies will be sent directly to the respective archive by our publisher after the ArchA print version has been published.


Copyright Notice

Authors who publish with this journal agree to the following terms:

1.  The author declares that the manuscript is complete and that the exploitation rights to this work have not been exercised elsewhere either fully or partially. He declares, with binding effect for himself and his legal successors, that he grants the Austrian Academy of Sciences the worldwide, exclusive, transferable right to use for reproduction and distribution for all impressions, editions, and reprints to be determined by the Academy for the duration of legal copyright.

     In particular, the transferred right to use includes the right

      a)      to preprint and reprint the work or parts of the work in newspapers and periodicals;

      b)     to translate the work into other languages;

      c)      to exploit the work on radio and television, as well as the associated right to communicate the work;

      d)     to reproduce and distribute the work on microfilm;

      e)      to reproduce and distribute the work on a compact disc, mini disc, DVD, and similar devices for repeated replay;

      f)      to issue abridged editions as well as paperback, special, and school editions and to grant licences for such editions to other publishers and book clubs;

      g)      to present and make sound recordings of the work;

      h)     to exploit and transfer the work via databases, data storage media, or similar devices (especially exploitation on the Internet);

      i)      to revise and edit the work;

      j)      to exploit the work in other ways which may arise due to technological development, legislation, or legal decision.

     The Austrian Academy of Sciences derives an unlimited right to reproduce from the exploitation right. The exploitation right may therefore be exercised by the Austrian Academy of Sciences or third parties the Academy designates. 

 The author also declares that he possesses the copyright and right to use to all parts of the work; this especially applies to images in the work and on the cover, as well as to the use of cover images for the publisher’s advertising purposes (especially on the Internet). The author is liable for any financial losses (especially claims for damages and claims on account of unjust enrichment) resulting from the violation of copyright or the right to use.

 2.   The author acknowledges that, based on this declaration, the publisher will undertake the reproduction and distribution of the work in the manner established by custom thus far and will assume responsibility for appropriate advertising. The publisher has the right to decide on all publishing-related issues (e.g. prices and conditions, advertisement, etc.).

 3.    In particular, the author may control his contributions or must abstain from the following uses in the following way:

a)    Parallel publications of articles from periodicals or anthologies on the intranet of the author's home institution are only permissible after their publication by the publisher and must include an indication of the source and a link to the publication on the publisher’s homepage.

       b)    The general publication of a journal article or contribution to an edited collection or of conference proceedings in a themed repository or the repository of the author's home institution is only permitted for the simple text version (such as a Word document). Such a publication is not permitted for the version published by the publisher (authorised version). 

       c)    Immediate and free access to the public for the article or contribution through a release on the server of the publisher is possible upon request in exchange for a payment. The amount will be determined by the publisher. This type of online release will follow ten years after the first publication without additional cost for all publications of the publisher.

       d)    Articles from periodicals may also be published by third parties two years after the first publication by the Austrian Academy of Science’s publishing house (non-exclusive publication rights of the publisher starting from the end of the second year).

      As soon as the Austrian Academy of Sciences publishes the journal open access, the lit. a.­-­d. of this section are invalid.

 4.   The author agrees to attend to corrections of galley proofs and revisions without remuneration by the agreed date. Modifications to the completed text and modifications to images are charged to the author at cost price if they exceed 10% of the production costs of his contribution and if they were not caused by the setting of the contribution for printing or by unforeseeable updates to the manuscript.

 5.   The author of a contribution will receive one volume of the journal which contains his contribution and a pdf. He has the right to purchase additional copies of the journal from the publisher for personal use at a discounted rate of 35% of the store price. Further benefits are not stipulated.

 6.   As a rule, the works of the publisher are available for ten years.

      If no appreciable turnover of the work can be achieved at that time, the publisher has the right to lower the store price and sell the remainder at a reduced price. 

 7.   If one or more provisions of this contract prove to be invalid or ineffective, the contracting parties will replace it by one or more new and valid provisions that correspond to the purpose of the original. Modifications and additions to this agreement must be in written form; handwritten deletions and additions are invalid. Austrian law applies to this agreement. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

 8.   The English version of the contract is for information only and is not legally binding. Therefore only the German version should be signed.            


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.